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Whenever I'm on a website I always like to know who has written it and what their story is! 

So it is only fair that I should share our story too!  

Discover Cumbria however, as this website is currently having a much needed update, and as I am a stickler for trying to ensure accuracy, every single page takes me a very long time to complete.... so please bear with me and as soon as I have the site tickerty-boo I will be back to complete this section of the site! 

Our teenagers are now in their twenties - so I do apologise that this sectionally really does need an update! 

what we previously said:

Discover Cumbria is a privately owned and managed website. That means that we don't work for anyone. No-one. Just us. We want to give you the opportunity to discover the Cumbria that we love. All the best bits.

This might be anything from - the best chippy in one of the Lake District's honeyspot towns, or where to eat enjoy a fabulous picnic away from the madding crowds.

Our teenagers were once babies....and enjoy the Lake District as much now as they did when they were paddling at the age of a lake in their little red wellies - and the good thing is that the older they are the more feedback they can give us and we are pretty honest about what we include - because remember these our own views - we don't work for anyone - if we don't like it, we don't include it!

So how do we keep going, I hear you ask? Well, what we do, to cover our admin costs is that we are affiliated with what we consider to be the Best Cottage holiday lettings. If you make a booking via Discover Cumbria then we make a small commission - Thank You :)

But, and this is a very big BUT, we don't just blanket add all cottages to our site. Each cottage, although not visited personally has to meet a certain criteria before we will add it. Sometimes a cottage is added purely because of its outstanding view, or because we love how much thought has been given to those who are less mobile. The quality of the bedding and an open fire all add to a perfect holiday - so we really only add a place if we think we, or part of our extended family would choose it - we only want to give you the best

Places go up and down, so if we've reviewed something that you feel is no longer worthy of inclusion or you'd like to let us know of your favourite places then we'd love to hear from you - the easiest way is use this contact form. Likewise we love to hear from small businesses in Cumbria from idyllic camping spots, to proper cafes - just get in touch and we'll do the rest.