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We come across so many interesting Tidbits of Cumbria News that we want to share with you, so we've joined this up with our Lake District Blog so that you get all of our updates in one place. Please do let us know if we have missed something and we will add it if we can.

The newest Lake District and Cumbria articles will be at the top of the page - and each 'Cumbria News Snippet' gives you the opportunity to follow the link and read more of the article at the original source.

NOSTALGIA: Cumbria was united by sheep farming and its dialect

Perhaps even in the 12th century the language of Lakeland was close to the Icelandic of today, giving the place names and dialect.

In particular, the language of the fell farmer must be incomprehensible to offcomers with its hogs, gimmers, tups and twinters for sheep, ruddle, smits and heafs for things to do with sheep, while creatures like jammy... Read full article here. cumbria dialect

Ees Wyke the Inspirational Ambleside Holiday Home of Beatrix Potter comes on to the market for £1.25 million

The holiday home in Ambleside which inspired Beatrix Potter to draw and paint Flopsy, Mopsy and Cotton Tail comes on to the housing market for £ 1.25million. More details here.

Beatrix Potter's Holiday Home

Late Availability - Whitsun May Half Term Holiday - 2015

We have just compiled a list of Family Friendly & Dog Friendly Cottages - oh and a Camper Van! For this May Whit School Half Term holiday - so if you are still looking please do take a peak. Just click on the image to open up into the complete page of properties we think you'll love.

late availability may 2015

Last Minute Availability - October Half Term 2014 Holiday Cottages Lake District

late availability october half term

A selection of beautiful holiday cottages in Cumbria, available for October half-term 2014 These cottages all have something in common, besides the fact that they are gorgeous with fantastic decor and good quality bathrooms! They all sleep 8+ Ideal for families to spend time together, take the Grandparents - take the Grandkids - take the cousins or grab another like minded family and share the cost

Read more here.

On the Front Line - without a Gun - Cumbria's Vicar is Most Decorated Non-combatant in WW1

TBHardy_most_decorated_Cumbria Remembering Theodore Hardy, the vicar of Hutton Roof near Kirkby Lonsdale, Cumbria. Described as an introvert, teetotal, vegetarian he on to become the most decorated non-combatant in WW1.

The 54-year-old padre in the British Army was to be awarded the Victoria Cross, the Distinguished Service Order and the Military Cross for selfless acts of heroism.

"Many frightened young men saw him as a father figure to whom he would simply say: “It’s only me”, when he met them in ‘no man’s land’ with his pocket full of cigarettes."

"Theodore Bayley Hardy on hearing firing, he followed the patrol, and found an officer of the patrol dangerously wounded. He remained with the officer until he was able to get assistance to bring him in. During this time there was a great deal of firing, and an enemy patrol actually penetrated between the spot at which the officer was lying and our front line and captured three of our men. On a second occasion, when an enemy shell exploded in the middle of one of our posts, the Reverend T. B. Hardy at once made his way to the spot, despite the shell and trench mortar fire which was going on at the time, and set to work to extricate the buried men. He succeeded in getting out one man who had been completely buried. He then set to work to extricate a second man, who was found to be dead. During the whole of the time that he was digging out the men this chaplain was in great danger, not only from shell fire, but also because of the dangerous condition of the wall of the building which had been hit by the shell which buried the men. On a third occasion he displayed the greatest devotion to duty when our infantry, after a successful attack, were gradually forced back to their starting trench. After it was believed that all our men had withdrawn from the wood, Chaplain Hardy came out of it, and on reaching an advanced post asked the men to help him to get in a wounded man"

Read more via at BBC Cumbria and at Europeana here

Spring Bank Holiday Week self catering cottages which are dog friendly!

Two of my sisters and their families have just become dog owners. And so of course my mind flipped to where would be the very best places that they could take their adorable new pooches on holiday?

We had a look around at cottages that had availability for the Spring Bank Holiday at the end of May and these were our top picks we hope you will like them too!

dog friendly cottages in the lake district

Polite Japanese tourists are some of Peter Rabbits biggest fans

Peter Rabbit can be spotted in the most surprising places in Japan, including otherwise formal financial institutions. Brought up learning to read with the story of Peter Rabbit, Japanese tourists are some of Beatrix Potter shop's best customers and are known for their nifty origami creations whilst waiting in turn politely to be served.

Read full story here

Vintage sports car enthusiasts powering their way up a 2,126ft fell in the Lake District as part of an annual pilgrimage to Honister Slate Mine

See more photos here

Swallows & Amazons Books help to sell I-Pads

We just love the news that Arthur Ransome's Swallows & Amazon book is still so popular that it has been used in the advertising to sell I-Pads.

Read more here.

In other Swallows & Amazons News : Sir Richard Branson recently answered :

'What was your favourite book?'
"Swallows and Amazons - a lovely kids' adventure book."

Made in Cumbria Christmas Puddings to supply the Queen's Grocer

Delighted to read that Kendal based company The Ultimate Plum Pudding Company has been chosen to make all puddings for the Fortnum & Mason stores and hampers this Christmas 2013.

You don't have to nip down to Fortnum's to get your taste of the 'pud' you can buy them on line too. Read more about this lovely small business that is gaining nationwide recognition here.

Last Minute Accommodation Lake District October 2013

Don't panic if you still haven't booked your October half term holiday.

These 3 self catering cottages in the beautiful English Lake District still have availability.

Gabriels Cottage - Keswick

last minute cottage cumbria last minute cottage lake ditrict last minute cottage lake district

Read more here

Discover UK's smallest islands
Peel Island aka Wild Cat Island Coniston

Although you might never have visited Peel Island, there's a chance your imagination may already have taken you there.

If you have read Arthur Ransome's description of Wild Cat Island - with its one pine standing proud of rowans, oaks and beech trees; its rocky shore repelling landings to all vessels whose captains did not know the secret of the island's one safe passage; and its pleasant glades where picnics could be enjoyed and stratagems hatched - you have seen Peel island.

Read more

Record Snowfall in Cumbria this weekend

Experts announce that this weekend's snowfall in Cumbria and across the UK could be the heaviest since 1981 with blizzards more commonly seen in Canada than Cumbria...

Contemporary Crystal from Cumbria

Cumbria Crystal (Ulverston Glass) have unveiled an exciting new range based on Bordeaux and Burgundy wine bottles.

As the UK's last producer of hand-blown and hand-cut crystal we are excited to hear about this new range which was designed by Managing Director Katy Holford.

The bottles serve a wide range of uses including wine carafes, single flower stems and candles, in addition to being themselves an ornament of UK and Cumbrian heritage

Read more here

ulverston crystal

No its not the South of France - its The Lake District!

Don't miss these amazing shots of the Lake District!

Coppermines Collection - Unique Antiques Sale

cumbria coppermines sale On Saturday 27th October at 11am, Coniston will see the dispersal sale of the spectacular “Coppermines Collection” of horse-drawn vehicles and Victoriana. Collected over the last forty years by Philip Johnston, the sale will be held in a large marquee and the collection will cover over an acre of the field to the rear of the Coniston museum. Read more on Cumbria 24 website

81 Year Old Margaret from Penrith tries out the Zip Wire at Go Ape - Whinlatter - Cumbria

At the spritely age of 81 Margaret from Penrith contacted Radio Cumbria to say that she'd always fancied having a go on a zip wire. See this fabulous footage of her visit to Go-Ape in the Lake District.

You may need to click on the photo to start the video.

British Revival Food - Perfect for Jubilee and Olympic BBQ's

british revival food The splendour of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee and the Olympic torch winging its way through the villages, towns and cities of Britain there is no better time to Eat British!

If you're planning a few British Revival Recipes for your Jubilee and Olympic 2012 celebration parties, let us remind you of the fabulously unique English BBQ food - The Cumberland Sausage.

Incredibly easy to BBQ as it can be coiled like a rope, making a great centre piece for your serving platter!

The Cumberland Sausage became the 44th UK Food to be protected under DEFRA with the term 'traditional' only being permitted if the Cumberland Sausage does in fact come from Cumbria, it must also have a minimum thickness of 20mm.

Its origins are uncertain, but it is invention is thought to date back to the 16th century when the were an influx of German Miners to the area. Cumbria's coastal town of Whitehaven was a thriving shipping port at that time, providing a valuable source for spices.

I'm delighted to see that so many independent butchers still exist in Cumbria and most will sell their version of the Cumberland sausage, either by length/weight or per coil. If you are unsure where to purchase Traditional Cumberland Sausages we have some suggestions here - that we are always looking for new stockists, so if you know of someone who should be on our list and isn't then we'd love to hear from you.

Grizedale Forest - Features in The Guardian's Top 10 UK Buggy Walks

The path is suitable for all buggies (wheelchairs too) in a figure of 8 path from the visitor centre. If you plan your visit around dawn or dusk and you might see the last naturally afforested herd of red deer in England. Roe deer also roam free, while barn owls, buzzards and woodpeckers make their homes in the treetops. Manmade wonders thrive here too, in the shape of 20 sculptures sited along the walk

Read the original article on The Guardian web-site which featured this lovely opportunity.

Windermere lake cruiser selected to take part in Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant

This story comes viaCumbria 24.

The Queen of the Lake owned by Windermere Lake Cruises and Captained by Ron Walker has been selected to take part in the Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant on Sunday June 3rd. Queen of the Lake, a traditional Windermere wooden launch is one of the vessels listed on the National register of Historic Vessels which will be travelling in the flotilla.

Read the full article here

Is it me, or do the bells at Cartmel Priory sound different on New Year's Eve?

Fascinating report by The Guardian's Tony Greenwood on Cartmel Priory's muffled bell toll to ring out the old year before ringing joyously to bring in the new.

Read Tony's full article on The Guardian website here

Stay Toasty Warm in a Lake District Camping Pod

Go Lakes are offering a 25% discount on Camping Pods when you book on line on stays up to 29/02/12. 2 night minimum. Quote ADCP12 in the promotions code box.

Read our popular Camping Pod page to find out more about these fabulous camping alternatives or go directly to the Go Lakes website here

Behind the Scenes filming Swallow on Wild Cat Island

cumbria news

A fascinating insight into the making of the original Swallows and Amazons - by Sophie Neville, who played the character Titty.

Ransome fans will be delighted to read her latest blog here

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