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Cockermouth exudes a certain elegance, with its pastel shades of Georgian houses lining the wide high street.


Its rich history, and celtic name are known to many, and yet, the town remains something of a hidden gem. Tucked away as it is, on the banks of the River Cocker and Derwent. Away from major highways, between the last of the rolling fells and the Irish Sea.

Cockermouth Cumbria
Cokermouth is, most definitely, a place to wander, not as lonely as a cloud, but with delight and finding independently owned shops. You could, in fact, be forgiven for thinking, at first glance, that Cockermouth has stopped in times past. How fabulous is the ironmongers. I might just have to type 'ironmongers' again. When did I last get to use that word? And yet, here is is in its full wonder. J. B. Banks Ironmongers and Hardware - full of interesting draws to open and useful things to buy...not only does the shop seem like a living museum but they have opened a small museum around the back of the shop too.

But, Cockermouth has not stopped in time. It is very much in the 21st century with its festivals and its hosting of Taste Cumbria. As you wander and wonder through the town, past the antique & boutique shops the wafts of freshly brewed coffee and properly baked bread, will lead you to The Coffee Kitchen, a coffee shop that cares greatly about ethical sourcing.

cockermouth cumbria

A quick guide to the history of Cockermouth can be found on the History Wall on Kings Arms Lane.

Famous people from Cockermouth

Dorothy and William Wordsworth were both born and spent their early years here. Another claim to fame for this pretty market town isFletcher Christian, who lived in a village nearby and attended the same school as Wordsworth. However, it is here that the similarities end. For Christian joined the Navy and eventually had an instrumental part in the Mutiny on the Bounty.

Renowned Physicist and Chemist John Dalton is also from these parts. His learning made significant advances in the hereditary nature of colour blindness. Amongst his physicist peers he is perhaps best remembered for Dalton's Law of Partial Pressures

Wordsworth - Cockermouth

The Poet Laureate William Wordsworth was born on April 7th 1770 in Cockermouth. His love of daffodils perhaps came from the fact they were often in full bloom at the time of his birthday each year?

If you like history brought to life then you will love the approach that the National Trust have taken Wordsworth's former home.

This is a hands-on experience rather than just a tour around some rooms. You can dress up and help in the kitchen. Be inspired to dip a quill into ink and write some prose or listen to the servants gossiping in the kitchen. Maybe the harpsichord will be being played whilst you browse the library? Or if this seems a bit hectic then take a wander around outside and watch the hens clucking in the kitchen garden.

Do check current schedule of events along with opening times here.

Wordsworth Daffodil Day - Cockermouth

The town is also planning a Daffodil Day to celebrate Wordsworth's life on April 2nd 2016. The day will include floral displays as well as poetry readings and floral music.

Full details of the day can be found here.

Cockermouth Georgian Fair

Visit Cockermouth in May and you could be transported back to the Georgian era, of many of its buildings. The Georgian Fair takes place every other year. Georgian dress is encouraged and events include a sedan chair race. Details of the next Georgian Fair can be found here

Taste Cumbria

The Cockermouth Food Festival is attracting leading chefs as well as local artisans and purveyors of local outstanding food and is most definitely putting Cockermouth on to the map! Cumbrian born Dave and Simon from the Hairy Bikers tell us why Taste Cumbria is such a success

The proposed dates for 2016 are 24 & 25 September, but why not sign up for the Taste Cumbria newsletter so you don't miss out?

CockRock & The Cockermouth Festival - June 24 - 26 2016

Two festivals take place here in Cockermouth : CockRock most definitely has takes the biscuit for its festival name! Gaining popularity each year, you can camp for the weekend. Find out about the line up for this year here. The Midsummer Cockermouth Festival quite rightly conjuring up images of literary readings, dramas, jazz and takes place around the summer solstice.

Jennings Brewery

Family owned Jennings know how to do things properly. How can you fault a brewery tour that starts by sampling its ales? Cumbrian water from their own well is just one of the successful ingredients that has kept these traditional beers very much in demand. Tour times vary so check tour times & dates before you go.

Cockermouth Farmers Market If you can't get to Taste Cumbria, then don't despair. A market regularly takes place here, normally the first Saturday of the month from 9am - 2pm and Cockermouth Craft & Farmers Market which sells a lot of home made produce regularly takes place on a Friday. More information regarding this can be found here.

Cockermouth Treasure Trail

Cockermouth Treasure Trail

A fun way to discover the town here is with the Cockermouth Treasure Trail. These Treasure Trails are incredibly well done and are available at a very reasonable cost to download from the internet. Now, don't make the mistake that I did when I first tried one of these trails. Thinking this was some kind of infant quiz! For sure you can get your children to help out, and they will love it and be very helpful too. Often spotting what you have over looked. But, these trails are also for adults; they will get your grey matter working hard as well as fill you in with lot of interesting facts. Discover more about Cockermouth Treasure Trail

Cockermouth Cottages

Hand chosen cottages we think you'll love : in and around Cockermouth

cockermouth cottages

Ennerdale Walk

ennerdale If you are looking for an easy walk nearby then we recommend heading out to the nearby Lake of Ennerdale.

This is a super walk which is one of the miles without stiles walks meaning that it is mainly on the level. Read more about this Ennerdale Walk

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