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One of the prettiest Walks in Grasmere

When the foxgloves and bracken are in abundance, this is one of Discover Cumbria's favourite walks in Grasmere.

walks in grasmere

Fantastic viewpoints can be earned via gentle inclines on Loughrigg Terrace

walks in grasmere

There are numerous paths to follow - switching back and forth, making it easy to extend the walk, with a steeper climb up onto Loughrigg Fell, if you wish.

grasmere walks

Walk extensions can include going on to the top of Loughrigg Fell or over to Loughrigg Cave

walks with children grasmere

or you can wander back to spend more time by Grasmere

Tempted? Why not read more details of walks around Loughrigg Terrace and Fell

We'd love to hear about your favourite Grasmere walk or to share your photos - you can upload them easily here

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