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That was scary in Places!!

An Amazing Experience - Via Ferrata Extreme - Honister

Two Teens OH and Me!

We only just arrived at Honister in the nick of time for the briefing. We were staying at nearby Bridge House Hotel in Buttermere and to miss one of their delectable breakfasts would have been a true sin! So do plan a little better than we did. You really need to get there a good half hour before your activity starts and there is a little form filling to do too.

Honister Slate Mine

There are two Via Ferrata Challenges to choose between. We ( & I use this term generously, as my feet definitely stayed terra firma!) chose the Extreme which includes the Burma Bridge crossing - scramble net and generally more scary overhangs.

Via Ferrata

Olivia 'It was brilliant. A challenge in places, but so much fun'

via ferrata honister

'There were some overhangs that certainly got your pulse racing'

via ferrata course lake district

Not just for teens. OH was up there too, he was grinning from ear to ear (see final photo!)

What to do in the Lake District

Now I know my kids don't believe me, but it is true. At their age I'd have been the first to scamper up those rocks, but sadly as I get older and my head just no longer does heights! So I wandered down the Honister Pass, to take some photos from the road - and of course to enjoy the fabulous views.

via ferrata extreme

Most of these photos are the ones taken by the Guide. You can purchase these on a CD for a nominal fee, from the shop following your adventure and we certainly felt it was well worth it.

The red oval shows the location of the scrambling net and certainly gives a bit of perspective!

via ferrata extreme buttermere

On their return they all said: 'Everyone should sign the petition for the Zip Wire. If they put the Zip Wire in I am coming straight back to do it again. Without the Zip Wire it was an amazing experience - but that would have just been the best finish of all'

Best days out in the Lake District

Jacob 'That was the best Jelly Baby I've ever eaten!'

teenagers lake district

Now I can't guarantee you'll get Jelly Babies too but the Guides are fantastic, leaving participants feeling safe but challenged. And despite my teens recently declaring they didn't want to stay anywhere remote they had a fabulous few days

via ferrata honister lake district

'The views were just amazing up there'

Now I do agree that OH looks slightly manic in this photo - but I think it totally sums up how fabulous he found the Via Ferrata Extreme - Bring on the Zip Wire!

Perfect Day Out in Lake District

If like myself you love the views but not the adrenalin rush, there is a coffee shop which also has outdoor tables for when the weather is behaving, giving incredible views down the Honister Pass.

The Slate mines themselves are very worth a look around and tours (suitable for all ages) leave regularly from the Honister Slate Mine Shop.

Booking in advance for the Via Ferrata is highly recommended, particularly during the peak holiday seasons.

More information on the Honister Slate Mine Via Ferrata Extreme & Classic and the Slate Mine Tours can be found on their website here

Buttermere Self Catering Cottages

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