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Serpentine Wood - Alphabet Trail Family Walk

The Alphabet Trail through Serpentine Woods in Kendal is a wonderful walk for all the family.

....before you begin a short history of theSerpentine Wood.

These Woods were planted around 1790. Before that the area was fell-land which was owned by the Crown and known as 'Dob Freer' - Cumbrian tongue for 'free land'. It was during the Victorian era that walls were built to enclose the woodland and garden areas were created so that the people of Kendal could enjoy the area for public recreation.

The snaking of the pathways which now wind through the magnificent beech woodland gave the area its current name.

Follow the alphabet trail from Queens Road in Kendal, along the woodland path in Serpentine Woods. Please do take care as the surface is uneven and may be slippery.

  • A will grow one day into a great tree
  • B has the most beautiful wings you will see
  • C has a name that means one hundred feet
  • D bounds through the trees on hooves fast and neat. (take left fork)
  • E soars up high on her powerful wings
  • F can do wonderful magical things. (keep to main path and turn right at junction)
  • G is like a door. You may wish to pass through
  • H is a bird and a fisherman too
  • I clings to a rock- a good place to grow
  • J can be heard in the Christmastime snow
  • K is a toy that flies higher and higher
  • L must fly home. Her house is on fire! (take path up hill)
  • M is a bird that's half black and half white
  • N is the home from which small birds take flight (continue left up hill)
  • O is a bird much wiser than most
  • P is a plump bird some like to have roast
  • Q is a mark after words such as When, Where and Why
  • R is a small pest with bright beady eyes
  • S frightened Miss Muffet - might frighten you too
  • T a dark place that the train passes through
  • U will protect you from any sharp shower (take right path at cross roads)
  • V is well known as a shy shinking flower
  • W in the breeze make a beautiful sound
  • X sweet music abounds
  • Y goes up and down giving hours of fun
  • Z the end... now your alphabet is done

  • Feel free to print off the Alphabet walk above, however we recommend that you get your own copy of the Alphabet Walk from Kendal Library or Kendal tourist information (housed in Kendal Town Hall).

    The official printed Alphabet walk, has a clear map showing locations of each 'letter' in addition to how many paces it is between one 'exhibit' and the next. It also has a check-box so that kids can tick off each letter as they find it.

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