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Beetham Fairy Steps

Looking for an interesting walk to capture the imagination of your kids? The legend of the Beetham Fairy Steps is quite a challenge but will be great fun for the younger members in your party! To find the fairy steps, take the path from Beetham village. The route climbs up Beetham Fell and at the second flight of stone you will see a narrow passage between two limestone rock faces.

This flight of natural stone stairs is where the legend begins.

Beetham Fairy Legend

copyright Dan Squires Photography Beetham Fairy Steps
According to the legend if you climb or descend the steps without touching the limestone sides of the narrow gully, the fairies will grant your wish. It has been said that those who have 'second sight' can see the fairy folk skipping up the steps.

How the legend began no-one of course knows but what is known is that this route is part of one of the Lakeland's corpse trails used to carry the coffins from the more rural areas to the nearby church. Several iron rings are visible on the sheer rock face and are thought to have been used to haul coffins for burial at the nearby church.

Heron Corn Mill

Whilst you are in Beetham, why not visit the Heron Corn Mill which dates back to 1220?

Situated on the banks of the river Bela in Beetham, the Heron Corn Mill is one of the few working mills in the area.

The fourteen-foot high waterwheel is a fascinating attraction which powers all the machinery.

Staff are on hand to demonstrate the mill's features, and explain the Mill's industrial past.

Check here for directions and opening times.

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